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  • INFINIZY modules recognize, address and incorporate :

    • Adult Learning Techniques {Kinesthetic, Visual and Auditory) Interactive Learning options

    • Dynamic  Education tools such as Quizzes and games

    • Multiple forms of Media

  • Infinizy is able to accommodate all these by User tracking, Evaluative measures, Reporting features. 

  • Infinizy provides accessibility to all the professionals in a web based format via a Learning Dashboard.   

An E-Learning Platform from Infinizy’s family, to make learning a beautiful experience to all its users by easing and gamifying the process of learning.

  • Preferred Learning Management System (LMS)       

  • The experts at Infinizy Global Solutions will produce the learning materials and learning content outside of LMS first. We use professional authoring systems to create eLearning content.


An E-Learning Platform



The program introduces participants to the practice of mindfulness, provides teaching in the core mindfulness practices and supports the cultivation of a more mindful approach to life and work.

We focus on Understanding the Mindfullness, Mind Training - rewiring the brain, From Stress Reaction to Stress Response and Building a personal practice and mindfullness in the workplace.


With this employees will be able to manage stress, focus, manage their emotions, listen, empathize, relax, think creatively and find the best solutions.



A comprehensive & customized course for school children

Mindroid helps in imparting skills in schools, what school children need to be taught, social skills, appropriate body language, advanced life skills and soft skills.

Mindroid focuses in nurturing confidence, etiquette, cooperation, team-work, leadership, passion, reasoning capability, logical thinking, patriotism and various brain development exercises.

In this technological age, developing soft skills in children can give them an edge and help them become successful in their professional lives.


A sharp and creative mind can think better and remember more things. So there is a gradual improvement in studies, and later in professional world and all other areas of life. A fit mind can create all the required solutions and can find the way to attain one’s goals

School Children.webp

INFINIZY  also provides many more customized solutions like

Plan - B

Adopting to the new normal

Team Building

Virtual Workshop


For new hires at IT/ITES organizations

Corporate Wellness Program

Live Healthy

Campus to Corporate

For Aspiring Graduates

We at Infinizy Global Innovations customize the trainings as per the requirement of the clients and we believe in Customer Centricity

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