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Your dream team and dream job are here. Check out our perks and benefits, meet our team, and read about the mentorship program.

We are hiring...

Dotnet Engineers

Selenium Testers

Java Developers

Cloud Engineers

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Move into software development with Infinizy!

Technological advance is requiring more and more IT experts. Despite lots of online and offline courses, one of the best ways to study is to get into a real company and practice under the guidance of experienced software engineers. Actually, this is the way how we can help to bring technology to a new level and contribute to education.

Infinizy sets up its own mentorship program. We welcome tech students and people with basic programming skills to take part in our 3-month course that will take place in our office.

Grab your opportunity to learn from fellow colleagues, work on real projects, and get a job in our company!

Mentorship Program

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